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Resident Wellness Program

Resident Wellness Program 2020


• Unlimited access to Calendar of Fitness Classes including water, cardio, strength and
flexibility. The fitness classes will offer a diverse program selection for all levels of fitness
enthusiasts. The classes will be specifically designed from each instructor to fit the level of
participants in each class with recommendations provided from the professional.
• Wellness Seminar-Health & Wellness seminars will be informative, enlightening and fun.
Presented by professionals or experts from the health industry that promote understanding
and implementation of a healthy lifestyle.

Time Frame

Master HOA Fee + Annual Wellness Fee
$430/Family and $380/Single**

Individual Guest Fee: $15 for Residents / $20.00 for Guests.

*Wellness program for current residents only. Plus applicable sales tax. Program is non-
transferable and non-refundable. Wellness Program includes two adults per household and their
children under 21 years of age who are permanent residents of the home. Due to limited space,
prior registration may be required. Additional fees may be charged for special classes or seminars.
All Personal Training provided for an additional fee. Wellness Coaching Lifestyle & Fitness
Assessments which include an initial fitness assessment, introductory meeting, lifestyle evaluation,
beginning goal-setting outline and educational material also available for an additional charge.
**Single fee available only to residents whom are either widowed, divorced, or unmarried & not