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Performance Trainers - Golf

Levi Root

Levi was a four year NCAA Division I letter winner on the Men's Varsity Track and Field Team at the University of Vermont. Through the tutelage of his event coach he developed a passion for the human body and increasing athletic performance. After graduation in 2010, Levi became certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, holding their Certified Personal Trainer credential, as well as coaching Division 1 high school track and field at Mount Mansfield Union High School. Levi began working with corrective exercise and finding ways to make every body as efficient and pain free as it was intended to be. This lead Levi to golf fitness, and back to game that he has been playing for over a decade.

Levi became certified by the Titleist Performance Institute as a Level 2 Fitness Professional and Level 2 Power Coach. Furthering his education, Levi became certified in Greg Roskopf's Muscle Activation Technique to help identify which muscles are not contracting at an efficient rate and activating them to correct it. He opened Root Golf Performance in May of 2014. Following the TPI and MAT models Levi is able to identify physical limitations in a person's body that cause inefficiencies in the golf swing, robbing it of power as well as consistency. Levi believes that every body is meant to perform at its peak, and only by starting from the ground up can optimal efficiency be achieved. When not training you can find Levi playing various sports ranging from golf, to cycling, to rugby.